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My self-bound Journals online!

Hello everyone,

I know it's been a long time since I last posted on LJ. I'm very busy with tutoring at Uni and with working on my PhD project, but I've also switched to other platforms. On top, I've opened a small shop on etsy, where I offer my handmade books! It would be very kind if you could spread the word.

The shop:
Mind Traveller

My new social profiles:


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My latest two book-binding projects

I'm extremely creative these days. Baking, sewing, book binding, writing lyrics - I constantly think of new projects. Here are two books I made this week. Later this weekend, I'll make my second batch of biscuits, after I've altered some clothes (I already did two trousers yesterday).

I have to aologise for being quite slow with my letter writing these days. I was very busy the last six weeks + am quite caught up in my Edinburgh life.

My innermost

Laughing cat journal


Why is social interaction so complicated?

Shamelessly copied from tumblr

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Brothers in arms


Busy bee

Here's an update on what I've been up to lately.

  • Heart-sitting my new-ish housemate. My male housemate is in a rather complicated relationship with an Iranian lady. The latest in a chain of events is that they have broken up and he has gone to Spain. She now lives in our house and has had a really bad time coping.
  • Finding a new room: while I get along with my housemates pretty well and we actually socialise more since the above events, I feel somewhat cut off from my uni friends. I also believe my studies would benefit from me living closer to uni. Therefore I've been keeping my eyes open for a suiting room for three weeks or so. However, so far nothing has come of it. There was one room/flat I really liked, but they chose someone else. I've got two rooms left to look at. Since the whole thing kind of stresses me (it's just too much on top of everything else), I might let the search rest if those don't work out.
  • Re-thinking my research design for the ump-tieth time. *sigh* I have a meeting with my supervisor on Monday. I hope he'll give me thumbs up. Please John!
  • General socialising. After hearing so often 'Oh, it's great that you're here! I so rarely see you!' half a dozen times, I gathered people perceived I wasn't around much. So I try to change that. Thus also the room search.
What I don't manage to do:

  • Writing my fanfiction.
  • Answering letters.
  • Reading.

Sherlock Series 3

Will you return for Season 3 of Sherlock?

CUMBERBATCH: You might see that it’s quite hard for me to make it back, after the end of the last episode. There’s another lawyer telling me not to say anything. I’m only going to tease you with [the fact that] I’d like to.

Duh. All I see is that Sherlock was alive and (physically) well at the end of the last episode. I actually thought about Season 3, and realised that Sherlock's rehabilitation would make a tremendous sub-plot for the next episode. To quote the back of my Sherlock Holmes Short Stories collection:

'His creator - Sir Conan Arthur Doyle - tried many times to kill him off, but the popularity of his master detective was so huge that Conan Doyle was forced to write more and more adventures for the tenant of 221b Baker St.'

So Sherlock doing the disappearing act repeatedly is part of the tale and certainly no reason to stop.
And where there's a lawyer to keep him from telling anything, there is something to tell. The science of deduction. I love it! *grins stupidly*

Oh yeah, and then of course there is the proof. But the time in between... *sigh*

I actually am reading the Short Stories, now, because I'm on turkey and I need a fix.


After series 2 of BBC's Sherlock was recently aired, I was intrigued and at the same time disappointed. The show seemed promising, it tickled my appetite, but I was not sated by what I saw. I blamed it on the shortness of the series (only 3 episodes) and feverishly sought out the first three episodes. I devoured them, watched them several times, grew even more intrigued by the main character, even downloaded the title music to install it as my new ring tone, and yet...

I sometimes had this urge of rewriting the screenplay to show them how to do this properly. There is so much potential in this show, and quite a bit of that is wasted. Just now I stumbled over a blog entry by Mary who put the flaws of the show into sharp focus.
While I do not agree with her call for more political correctness - I like Sherlock because he is such an eccentric character (it does so good to hear him speak aloud what I often think but dare not say because it would affront others), and his lacking appreciation for the female mind is not necessarily a left-over from Victorian thinking but a testimony of his general distance from the people around him, which would naturally be more extreme with people of the opposite sex - she does make some valiant points.

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How did you like series 2?

Stupid me

D'you know these days when everything goes awry?

I wanted to pay the council tax today. So I called the free number. But instead of talking to me themselves, they only had a machine do the talking. So I paid into the wrong customer account. Twice. And of course they cannot stop the money from being withdrawn from my bank account. Now I have to call them next week to have the money transfered back. Great. More stuff to do. As if there wasn't enough already.

And of course I totally messed up my communication with Sociological Review Online, for whom I've written a book review, so it took me three weeks just to say that yes, I was okay with the three tiny changes they'd made to the formatting of the review... They must think I'm totall stupid.



A belated Happy New Year to everyone!

I spent a rather tense Christmas in Germany, because my father's girlfriend suddenly turned into a cantankerous hag and my mother still mourns for my sister, and so I was happy to return to Britain on the 30th. Unfortunately, I missed the Edinburgh Torch Procession, but I had a lovely New Year's Eve party with my new housemate and some of her Lithuanian friends, with dancing until 2:30 in the morning. Me dancing?! -Yup!

In the last days, I've dived deep into the Harry Potter universe, joining in the activities of hogwartsishome and its affiliated communities after having been sorted into Ravenclaw House on Christmas day and working on my HP fanfiction. I'm so proud of my little animated banner:

The first six chapters are online.

Yesterday I made a calender for the new year, using the following lovely pieces of art that I found on deviantart.com:

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